Members of the EGATIN Committee

Jutta Gliem Chair

MD, specializing in Psychotherapeutic Medicine and General practice, Psychoanalyst, Group Analyst (D3G, GASI, Chair of EGATIN), member of the Board of D3G (German Society of Group Analysis and Group therapy), group analytic teacher, supervisor and organisational consultant, working with individuals and groups in private practice in Heidelberg / Germany.

Synnove Ness Bjerke Treasurer

Physician, Psychiatrist and Group Analyst.
Former clinically active manager of a group unit in public mental health service.

Teaching Manager of the Institute of Group Analysis and Group Psychotherapy in IGA-Norway since 2015. Part time Private Practice, teacher at the Institute. Author of a Norwegian book on Group Therapy (2018).

Alex Collins Honorary Secretary

Alex is a group analyst in private practice working with groups, staff teams, and individuals.

Dr Tija Despotovic International Liaison

Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, group analyst working in private practice.

One of the founders and former chair of Group Analytic Society Belgrade and chair of Training in GASB; Training analyst of the Belgrade Psychoanalytic Society (IPA); GASI MC International development and GASI Summer School Coordinator

Taras Levin Membership secretary

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist and group analyst. One of the founders of the Group Section of the Association of Psychotherapists and Psychoanalysts of Ukraine in 2004 and a chief organizer of the qualifying course in group analysis in 2008.

Currently a group analyst and psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice, training analyst and supervisor in group analytic course of APPU.

Vera Balabanova Web-master

Psychiatrist, PhD, lecturer at Medical University in Moscow; Chair of the Board and training group analyst in Moscow Group Analytic Society, delegate from MOGA in EGATIN. Running of Group Analytic groups in own practice and in the training course.

Full member of the Section of Group Analysis in Society of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. In the EGATIN Committee since 2010 in the role of Post- and Webmaster.


EGATIN is a network of organizations which offer training programmes in Group Analysis.

By enabling the exchange of experiences and knowledge between the members, EGATIN tries to contribute to keeping the high standards in group analytic training programmes among EGATIN members, in Europe and beyond.

EGATIN also helps to facilitate the development and extension of training in group analysis in countries where such training is not provided.