EGATIN Delegates and Trainees Video Conference with AGM 30th October – 1st November 2020

There will be a Zoom conference which includes AGM, large group, policy meeting and one presentation, to which, as usual, observers will also be welcome.

Trainees from different training institutions of EGATIN´s network are also invited, this in order to create a trainees platform for an international exchange of Group analytic knowledge, experience and ideas.

EGATIN Study Days Rome 2021 Online 23th - 25th April, 2021

Due to the uncertainty generated by the current and on-going Coronavirus situation, the 2021 EGATIN Study Days originally due to be held in Rome will take place online. More details to follow

Dear Colleagues,
When we postponed the Study Days in Rome until the end of October 2020 because of the Corona crisis at the beginning of the year, we hoped that this would be enough time to overcome the crisis.

By now it is unfortunately clear that it seems impossible to reliably hold an international meeting with more than 100 participants at this time because of the still possible danger of infection.

PLEASE NOTE: updated material for the 2021 Study Days, will be provided as soon as possible.


EGATIN is a network of organizations which offer training programmes in Group Analysis.

By enabling the exchange of experiences and knowledge between the members, EGATIN tries to contribute to keeping the high standards in group analytic training programmes among EGATIN members, in Europe and beyond.

EGATIN also helps to facilitate the development and extension of training in group analysis in countries where such training is not provided.