Date & Location

  • 10-12 June, 2022
  • Museo Nazionale di Storia dell'Arte
    Sanitaria - Sala Alessandrina.
    Lungotevere in Sassia, 3


  • Stuart Stevenson - "Psychodynamic Intersectionality"
  • Valerio Sciannamea - "Group Analysis and Public Health: what setting for minor mental disorders?"
  • Christine Iuga - "Attachment and Psychiodinamic Group Therapy: developing a projective Test to measure mental representations of group attachment based on the AAP"
  • Kristian Valbak - "Understandings, Misunderstandings and Illusions in the Research Matrix"

Trainee presentations

  • Swathi Prabhu - "The Task of Confronting Identity in A Large Group - A Reflection"
  • Alice Scognamiglio - "The Axolotl Project: a new integrated group setting"