Date & Location

  • 26-28 April, 2019
  • Warsaw University Library
    Warsaw, Poland


  • John R. Schlapobersky - "The Citizen in The Group and The Group in The Citizen - Training and human values in group analysis"
  • Kathrin Albert - "Translation in groups: The same language isn't always the same language"
  • Jerzy Pawlik - "Free Floating Discussion - meeting with others and the experience of freedom"

Trainee presentations

  • Lada Mazai - "The Problem of Disability in the Value System of Analytically Orientated Group Psychotherapy"
  • Wera Rybak - "The Chrysalis"
  • Katarzyna Czajkowska-Łukasiewicz - "Between Mission and Profession - do we know what values we convey in Group Analytic Trainings?"