Date & Location

  • 26-28 April, 2024
  • The Diaconal University College
    in Aarhus


  • Sigmund Karterud - "Theoretical and clinical Challenges with applied Group Analysis"
  • Ole Karkov Østergård - "Who are Short-Term Groups for? A Study of Students"
  • Ljiljana Moro - "Group Analytic Training in Times of War and Peace. What has Group Analysis given me"
  • Farhad Dalal - "Disruptions from the Periphery. From EGATIN to IGATIN?"

Trainee presentations

  • Linn Stormby-Szöllösi & Charlotte Sleimann - "Stand by me. When a Youth Group tumbles and falls"
  • Lene Hjort - "Recognizing Disruption in the Group Matrix"