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EGATIN statement on Israel-Palestine war

EGATIN is an organization that carries out in its professional field activities based on the universal human values of respect and protection of the character, integrity and internal affairs of individuals, groups and organizations. It aims to develop dialogue and exchange leading to mutual enrichment and development.

In light of this, the EGATIN Committee expresses its unambiguous condemnation of the terrorist attack committed by HAMAS on October 7, 2023 against Israeli civilians. Our position is that the atrocities and crimes committed during this attack, which resulted in a huge number of civilian casualties, are contrary to all our persuasions and every concept of humanity. We mourn with our Israeli colleagues the losses suffered and stand in solidarity with their demands for the immediate release of the hostages.

We also express our concern that the new war that broke out as a consequence of the events of October 7 and the resulting humanitarian crisis in Gaza, are pushing humanity, torn by tensions and growing polarization, even closer to the brink of catastrophe. We hope that the cycles of anger and violent retaliation can be stopped.

We also support our Israeli colleagues in their commitment to the wellbeing of people on both sides of the conflict, and like them, hope that the Israeli Government's actions will remain within the framework of international law and the right to necessary protection. Further escalation of violence and human suffering is unacceptable. We, too, mourn the losses suffered by Palestinian civilians. Conflicts are everywhere, and perhaps there is no more effective way to combat them than to have the goal of instilling hope for us and humanity and remaining human.

Dear EGATIN Colleagues and Delegates

The Ukrainian people are currently subject to invasion by Russian forces of their country with the consequent disruption of their political independence and self-determination.
EGATIN condemns the invasion and calls for an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal from within Ukraine's borders of all Russian forces.
EGATIN asks the governments of its member organizations to work towards a peaceful resolution to this conflict that respects Ukraine's borders and political integrity.
EGATIN will continue to support all its members during this difficult and challenging time by maintaining its regular online delegate meetings.

The EGATIN committee on behalf of EGATIN delegates and members

February 27, 2022

Welcome to EGATIN

Welcome to the website of EGATIN, the European Group Analytic Training Institutions Network. EGATIN is a network of organisations that offer training programmes in Group Analysis, which in general consists of personal therapy in a group, theory and supervision.

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The EGATIN member network has about 40 members from more than 20 countries from Europe and beyond

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EGATIN is a network of organizations which offer training programmes in Group Analysis.

By enabling the exchange of experiences and knowledge between the members, EGATIN tries to contribute to keeping the high standards in group analytic training programmes among EGATIN members, in Europe and beyond.

EGATIN also helps to facilitate the development and extension of training in group analysis in countries where such training is not provided.