Members of the EGATIN Committee

Marina Brinchi Chair

Clinical psychologist psychotherapist, Group Analyst (since 1984).
Teacher of Group Analysis Psychotherapy School (since 2016) SPAG of Milan (Italy).

Clinical psychologist psychotherapist in Italy Public Health Service (since 1980).
Delegate for EGATIN since 2016.

Anneli Bittner Treasurer

Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst (German Psychoanalytic Society, DPG), training group analyst (German Society for Group Analysis and Group Psychotherapy, D3G).
Supervisor, teacher and member of Seminar for Group Analysis Zurich (SGAZ).
Private practice in Berlin.

Mirjana Pernar Honorary Secretary

Clinical psychologist, training group analyst and supervisor, IPA psychoanalyst.
Member of the board of directors and member of the training committee of the Institute for Group Analysis Zagreb, Croatia.
From 2010 until today, she is a delegate of the Institute for Group Analysis Zagreb in the European Group Analytic Training Institute Network (EGATIN).
Associate Member of The Institute of Group Analysis London.
Lecturer at the Faculty of Health Studies in Rijeka, University of Rijeka, Croatia and the Institute for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Linde Wotton International Liaison

Linde Wotton is a retired group analyst who formerly worked in the NHS in London as a Specialty Doctor in Psychotherapy.
Although continuing to act as a dissertation supervisor for qualifying course students at the IGA in the UK, her main involvement is in the international group analytic community.
Until the autumn of 2023 she was, for 6 years, a member of the management committee of the Group Analytic Society International, chairing the scientific program committee, which is responsible for the Foulkes Lecture & Winter Workshops and running the Student Essay Competition, and co-chairing the scientific program committee for the GASi Sympopsia.
She continues to chair the International Courses Committee at the IGA (UK), which supports the development of GA trainings in countries where none exist. Joining the EGATIN committee was therefore a natural development.

Taras Levin Membership secretary

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist and group analyst. One of the founders of the Group Section of the Association of Psychotherapists and Psychoanalysts of Ukraine in 2004 and a chief organizer of the qualifying course in group analysis in 2008.

Currently a group analyst and psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice, training analyst and supervisor in group analytic course of APPU.

Egle Pauziene Web-master

Clinical psychologist psychotherapist, group analyst.
Teacher in the programs of Group Analysis (since 2006) and Individual Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (since 2018) at Vilnius University; member of the GA Training Committee.

Member of the Committee and former president of Lithuanian Group Analytic Society; delegate for EGATIN since 2013.


EGATIN is a network of organizations which offer training programmes in Group Analysis.

By enabling the exchange of experiences and knowledge between the members, EGATIN tries to contribute to keeping the high standards in group analytic training programmes among EGATIN members, in Europe and beyond.

EGATIN also helps to facilitate the development and extension of training in group analysis in countries where such training is not provided.